“Reed, I went to my doctor after just nine weeks of strict adherence to my Metabolic Typing Diet. We were both surprised that my cholesterol was down by over 30 points. I am very happy I took your word for it Reed and started eating like a Fast Oxidizer should. I’m ready to go on with the next part of the program. I can’t wait to get my hormones tested!”
Ingrid O.

“It’s been almost a year since I started the Metabolic Typing Diet for Parasympathetic types. The first thing I noticed was more energy and no cravings between breakfast and lunch. As you know, we had a few ups and downs but nothing excited me more than when my doctor finally said he was taking me off my diabetic medicine. That’s three meds we’ve dropped since starting the MT diet plan and the lab testing. I’m very curious to see how far we can take this and plan to eat like this until my health is completely restored.”
Judy B.

“Reed, you’re a rock star! Thank you for teaching me how to eat right for my type. I feel like a new man, like I haven’t felt in years. I’m sleeping so much better than before and my energy and mental clarity is better all day. Now I’m coming home from work with enough steam left over to spend time with my kids and that means more to me than I can even tell you. Thanks man!”
Kevin M.

“I just want to say how much I appreciate all the time you spent trying to teach me about Metabolic Typing. It’s actually pretty easy now that I have been doing it a while because I truly feel so much better, as long as I stick to it.. The diet check sheets were very helpful and kept me from cheating (almost completely). The most interesting part was the supplement challenge, you were right about being able to feel the difference on things made just for my type. Thank you for all your help. I will be recommending you to everyone.”
Liz. T.

“Reed, what you taught me about listening to my body and making adjustments has helped me not only lose the weight, but I feel like a better person. I started noticing how good food tastes again and really enjoying my meals. Especially since I don’t crave anything between meals except water. My mood swings are almost completely gone and with the help of your lab work and advice on the hormones, I feel ten years younger.”
Maria C.