10 Profound Ways Metabolic Typing Will Help Your Health

By Dr. Joseph Mercola with Rachael Droege (excerpt)

If you’ve ever wondered why one diet works for one person and causes problems in another, then you’re not alone. The truth is that no one diet works for everyone because we are all unique on a biochemical level, and we all need different amounts of macronutrients–fats, protein and carbs–to help us function optimally. How do you do what ratio of macronutrients is right for you? You’ll first need to determine your metabolic type…

…Even if you’re not yet familiar with metabolic typing, chances are you’ve experienced symptoms that it can help you overcome. If an hour or so after eating you:

* Still feel hungry even though you are physically full
* Develop sweet cravings
* Experience a drop in your energy level
* Feel hyper, nervous, angry or irritable
* Feel depressed

… Then you are likely not eating right for your metabolic type. Here are 10 other ways that metabolic typing can help improve your health.
Optimize Weight

Your metabolic type lets you know how readily you convert excess carbohydrate to fat or how able you are to digest protein efficiently. People who are carbohydrate metabolic types will be able to tolerate grains far better than protein types, who are naturally suited to a diet with little or no grains.

Determining your metabolic type, whether you are a carb metabolic type, a mixed type or a protein type, will allow you to choose foods that your body can utilize and digest properly. You may need a high-protein diet, or you may need a high-carb diet (mostly vegetable carbs) to reach your ideal weight. As I said earlier, there is no one approach that will work for everyone, but once you eat the food that your metabolic type was meant to eat, you will naturally lose weight, or gain it depending on your need, and you won’t feel hungry or deprived and your cravings for unhealthy food will naturally disappear.
Improve Emotional Well-Being

You will be amazed at how much impact foods can have on your state of mind. Eating the wrong foods for your metabolic type will imbalance you not only on a physical level but also on an emotional one. This can easily leave you feeling irritable, nervous, angry, hyper, depressed or hopeless.

Similarly, the right foods will feed your body and your mind and will leave you feeling strong, energetic, in control and emotionally sound.
Increase Energy

If you give your car premium fuel or your houseplant special plant food, your car will run more efficiently and your plant will thrive. Your body also needs the proper fuel to function at its optimum level, and the proper fuel for your body is determined by your metabolic type.

This will let you know what ratio of macronutrients to eat to give your body plenty of energy. Metabolic typing will let you know your basic ratio, for instance protein types do better on low-carbohydrate, high-protein and high-fat diets. A typical ratio might be 40 percent protein and 30 percent each of fats and carbohydrates, but the amounts could easily shift to 50 percent fats and as little as 10 percent carbohydrates depending on individual genetic requirements.

Once you have the basic ratio you can fine-tune it to your own body’s needs by trying slightly different combinations of fats, protein and carbs at each meal to see what feels best to you.

Prevent Disease

Eating the right foods for you is by far your greatest ally in fighting and preventing disease. You will fortify your body with the nutrients it needs and strengthen your immune system, which will make it difficult for disease to be present. Your body is its own best defense system, so by balancing your body with the proper foods, you are strengthening your best line of defense against illness and disease.

Look and Feel Younger

Age-related diseases are occurring at younger and younger ages, and poor dietary choices are largely to blame. Once you know your metabolic type you can rest assured that you are making the right food choices for your body, and you’ll know they’re right because of the way you’ll feel. And when you’re healthy on the inside, you’ll naturally start to look younger and have a healthy glow on the outside.

Avoid Common Illnesses

Colds and flus will become a thing of the past when you eat right for your metabolic type. This is because your immune system will be strong, efficient and easily able to fight off common viruses and infections. If you should happen to get sick, you’ll notice that a flu that once put you in bed for a week will be significantly shorter and less severe.
Increase Mental Focus

Mental clarity is yet another “side effect” of metabolic typing. The sluggish, foggy head that you once experienced daily after lunch will soon be replaced by a clear-headed ability to think, focus and function.

Fight Existing Disease and Health Challenges

If you are already facing a health challenge, eating for your metabolic type can help. Many, many health problems stem from inadequate nutrition. Not only has metabolic typing worked for me personally, it also has worked for hundreds of my patients.

Live Longer and Better

Along with living a longer life, you will have a higher quality of life when you eat the right foods for your metabolic type. Your insulin levels will stay under control–elevated insulin are one of the major accelerants of aging–and you will have energy, stamina and great cognitive function, even as you get older.

Feel Satisfied and Avoid Cravings

A diet based on your individual metabolic type will leave you feeling satisfied after you eat, with no cravings or feeling that you are still hungry. When a meal leaves you feeling unfulfilled, it is because your body is still lacking certain nutrients. However, after eating the right ratio of foods you will feel satisfied because you will have met all of your body’s nutritional requirements.

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