How a Vegetarian Resolved Underweight and Rosacea Problems

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Since the 1980s I was sick and extremely thin. I suffered from malabsorption, debilitating headaches, protein deficiency and Rosacea.

I heard about Dr. Mercola on a radio station and finally came to see him when my headaches got so bad that I couldn’t think. After starting Dr. Mercola’s program I felt better within three weeks!

I had been a vegetarian, close to vegan, for 14 years and had also tried eating macrobiotically, which consisted of a high-grain, no-sugar, mostly raw diet. However, I found out through Metabolic Typing that I am a Mixed Type and needed to add meat to my diet. I also added raw eggs, which I had not been eating previously, and fish oil.

Dr. Mercola recommended that I cut grains from my diet as well, and start juicing green vegetables. Although I had juiced in the past, I had been using a lot of carrots in the juice.

The improvements I felt after implementing these changes were amazing! After I cut out grains and made the other changes my headaches were gone, the Rosacea improved and, most importantly, I gained much-needed weight. I went from 97 pounds to 107 pounds, which is a huge improvement for me.

After my great results, I recommended that my husband, who has high blood sugar, reduce grains in his diet, and he also improved after doing this.

The program was not difficult for me to follow, although I am naturally a disciplined person when it comes to diet. I did use EFT when I had a craving for bananas, and it worked to get rid of my craving!

Although I’ve always been a high-energy person, I have even more energy after starting Dr. Mercola’s program, and it is something that I can live with and improve upon in my life.

This program has truly given me my life back!

Rae Herring
Heavener, OK

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