While serving for many years as the Clinical Nutritionist and Case Manager in a Wellness Center in Southern California, Reed Davis made his own observations about who got better and who did not. Without question, the patients who improved the most were the ones working as close to the underlying cause as possible, and not simply treating the symptoms. Wanting to help as many people as possible, Reed employed functional lab testing (saliva, blood, urine and stool) as it applies to nutrition and other natural protocols with thousands of patients.

“It became apparent that the more we worked at the functional level, the better the clinical outcomes were for our patients.”

Time and again, regardless of their original health complaint, patients were more confident and achieved better results when educated about function and healing, instead of only treating their symptoms. Using the minimum of relief care and maximizing improved function appeared to be the secret formula. Logically then, investigating malfunctions and seizing opportunities for healing became the focus and modus operandi of the clinic.

Reed used every functional lab test he could on every patient who was willing. The more he educated himself and the patients, the more “miraculous” were the recoveries they witnessed. Naturally, this was exhilarating work.

Reed’s enthusiasm was unrestrained, to say the least. Learning each new lab was thrilling. Patient education wasn’t work to him; it was fun.  So, on the road he went, doing hundreds of workshops, screenings and lectures.  Reed did them twice a week for over five years and the wellness center grew by leaps and bounds.

“The last time we counted, we’d served over 11,000 people.”

Along with the clinical work itself, educating others became a passion, gave Reed a sense of purpose and provided a mission that he carries out to this day. Needless to say, Reed found his niche practicing and teaching others how to do functional lab work. While systematizing the work, Reed came to the realization that he had discovered an emerging field. He named this growing body of work “Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN).

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